V. (aryan_barbarian) wrote in heated_debate,

Women’s Sexuality (excerpt from my article “Deconstructing Black Masculinity”)

"For White men, their sexual arousal is nothing but a rush, which goes away, after being scratched. This is the reason why it were namely White men, who pushed forward scientific and cultural progress, throughout the centuries – once White males are being sexually satisfied, they find themselves at liberty to indulge in abstract philosophising, which in its turn, creates preconditions for the emergence of empirical sciences. Women’s sexuality, on the other hand, has opposite subtleties – the female physiology causes women to exist in the state of constant sexual tension, as they are incapable of mentally detaching themselves from their genitals. This is the reason why many women become sexually aroused as the result of being simply touched – their whole bodies often act as one big sexual organ. Whereas men are best described as semi-sexual beings, women are hyper-sexual. ".

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